33 Companies Going Remote Permanently

Without fixed in-person office days, Vista has also reconfigured its onboarding. Its former offices around the world have been turned into collaboration centres with hot desks, enabling teams to choose to occasionally work in person and brainstorm. “We’ve designed a 100-day programme specifically to train new starters in adapting to remote-first working,” says Flannigan. “It includes networking opportunities, where we encourage team members to meet in a collaborative space, introduce themselves and build their working relationships.” Founded in 1995, Vista produces physical and digital marketing items for small businesses. Its 6,700-strong workforce includes in-person employees at printing plants in North America and Europe as well as distributed teams scattered across various finance, HR and product design departments in 15 countries.

  • “Inherently, we have a bias toward people who are around, whether we can detect it or not,” said Cancel, who said he saw this firsthand at a previous company.
  • Siemens announced a simple remote work policy for more than 100,000 employees.
  • Zapier strives to never let more than seven days go by without letting you know the status of your application.
  • Ontario is set to bar employers from requiring Canadian work experience.
  • Many of their roles require you to work remotely from certain locations (like India Remote or Europe Remote), but they have tons of openings for globally remote roles too.
  • After the application, if you qualify, there’s an introductory call with the recruiter.
  • (Parking fees alone were nearly half of our monthly rent bill!) Saving money on overhead costs allows us to free up funds for raises, workplace benefits and team-building activities like our very first company retreat.

MeetEdgar is a social media management tool to create, schedule, and share content. They have a blog dedicated to what it’s like to work at SureSwift (a portfolio of SaaS products, including MeetEdgar) remotely. “We founded this company on the belief that AI should not be the privilege of tech companies that hire and build data science teams.” After filling out the application, you may be asked to send a video or complete an assignment. After this, there are a couple more interviews with your hiring manager and future teammates. A background check is mandatory if you accept the offer at Kinsta.

Remote Operating System

Six in 10 respondents said they believe business travel is a key component of professional development, and half agree their leaders believe the same. “Employees are noticing that employers are not just looking at the dollar amount of the trip, but instead seeing the value in investing in them,” says Huska. “Connections between employees are easily stretched, so bringing people together through travel regenerates bonds, strengthens culture within organisations and creates enthusiasm,” says Huska.

companies going full remote forever

The platform allows employees to send, like and comment on recognition “cards” and is similar to an internal Facebook page, Clermont said. “It seems so distracting… we are just focused on building the business and great culture. We’re not worried about having to make all those decisions. There’s been a huge benefit in that — just making that decision early,” he said. The decision to go fully remote means Smith doesn’t have to worry about the constant decision making that comes with reopening or closing the offices. The company decided that employees who relocate to lower-cost cities would not have their pay adjusted.

Why Some Companies Are Still Fully Remote

At the award-winning architectural firm Selencky Parsons, most of the team are already – safely – back in their London office, with newly spaced-out desks all facing away from each other. “Most of our employees are young, and they don’t have massive homes to work in,” says co-founder David Parsons. The business managed lockdown by instituting virtual morning meetings and Friday what companies are going remote permanently beers (they got a local brewery to deliver to everyone’s home), along with Zoom quizzes. At Xpedition, we’ve found that remote work has also made it easier for employees to explore more of the world and move closer to loved ones or better school districts. This allows them to produce their best work instead of adhering to a one-size-fits-all schedule or open office layout.

Skillshare is an online learning community founded to help close the professional skills gap by providing everyone with access to high-quality learning. Founded in 2012, Instacart offers on-demand food and grocery delivery across the United States. More than three years since most of the workforce worked from home out of necessity, employers such as Vista and Lem-uhn are choosing virtual-working as their ideology. Consequently, they’ve made distinct, existential decisions in how they operate as businesses, explains Chamorro-Premuzic. In short, companies taking Vista’s path are rare – but it’s still possible to go remote. During pandemic lockdowns, some companies found the switch to remote working relatively seamless.