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May 1, 2016

More notes about Bash on Windows 10

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How to clean out the root file system and start over:

  • start a “power shell” that is not bash and run “lxrun /uninstall /full /y”  : This wipes the root FS and your HOME directory for bash.
  • know about searching for “Turn Windows features on or off” in the settings search box. : use this to load/unload or enable /disable the WLS. (Windows Linux Subsystem)

So I so lxrun /uninstall /full and then turn off wls to remove my bash on windows.   (reboot)

Then I turn on WLS  (reboot) and then run bash from a power shell and answer y to the prompt to down load the latest root file system and re-enable the ubuntu 14.04 bash.

Note: It seems my home directory did not get wiped when I did these steps.  The command line prompts indicate that they will be wiped.  Bug?

I’m no longer a root user to bash and sudo works.

Where is the root file system stored in the Windows FS?  And where is $HOME in the windows FS?

  • windows directories are found under the mount point /mnt/c/  from within the bash shell
  • the ubuntu root FS is located at c:/Users/<windows-login>/AppData/Local/lxss/rootfs
    • note: AppData, lxss and rootfs are hidden directories but, you can type the path in the explorer window to get to them anyway.
  • Your $HOME directory under bash is located at c:/Users/<windows-login>/AppData/Local/lxss/home/<bash username>
    • note: AppData and lxss are both hidden directories but, you can type the path into an explorer window to get to them anyway.


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