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March 22, 2013

tmux is the bomb

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I’ve been a screen user for a few years and just stumbled across tmux and I’m switching.

tmux handles paned windows and resizing so much better and its currently under active development where screen has been stagnant since 2005 (I think).

Getting going with tmux I only really need a handful of commands and for me it seems less cryptic than screen.  BTW I’m sticking with the ctrl-b as the command prefix key because I use minicom and with tmux I can have a minicom session in a screen pane.  yay!

TMUX commands I use:

  • ^b %  — vertical split
  • ^b ”  — horizontal split
  • ^b <arrow key> — move between panes.
  • ^b <alt>+<arrow>  — adjust size of current pane
  • ^b <pg-up>  — scroll up the history buffer
    • when in copy mode ^s for search down (will wrap in buffer)
    • when in search mode n will go to next and N will search the opposite direction
    • q exist page up / copy mode
  • ^b ,   — rename current window tab
  • ^b n — cycle to next window tab
  • ^b p — cycle to previous window tab
  • ^b d  — detach from session
  • tmux att -t <session name>  — attach to session by name
  • tmux ls  — list sessions
  • ^b :break-pane  — move current pane to a tab’ed window
  • ^b :join-pane -t dest-wind  — move current window to dest-wind as a pane.
  • ^b ? brings up a help page of key bindings


There are copy and past things but I will use my host to do those outside of tmux so I have not bothered figuring that out.


.tmux.conf file:

set -g history-limit 50000                                                                                                                             │
set -g default-terminal screen-256color                                                                                                                │
setw -g aggressive-resize on


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