Mark-III CHBasic sample code:

Servo test:  When this program starts up it sends 1.5ms pulses to the servos of the Mark-III.  Use it to calibrate your servos.  If you type any numbers it will send pulses of 1.0 + 0.1*d ms to the servo.   i.e. type a "5" then  the servo gets 1.5ms pulses, "0" then the servo's get 1.0ms pulses, 9 =>1.9ms  you get the picture.   Thanks to Phil Keller for code clean up and enhancements.

Sensor test: When this program stars up it loops over all the analog inputs and reports the values the chip is seeing.  It delays between each loop so the numbers don't go by too fast.  You may use it to see what your sensors are reporting to the PIC.  Thanks to Phil Keller for code clean up and enhancements.

Sumo program ver 001:  This is the infamous sumo program.  go nuts.

Sumo program ver 002: This is about the same but without some of the debug code, it attempts to turn sharper.  I think the 001 may be better as this one spasms a bit when its up against the opponent, but its not too bad ;)

Line following program :  This is my reference line following program for the Mark-III for you to all use.  Check out this page for pictures of my test track.

Dir program:  Just yet another validation program.  Run this on your Mark-III to check if the your servos are set up like mine.  Running this program your robot should go in the following directions each for 2 seconds. Forward, Right, Left, Backward, then it repeats.