Update Jan 6 2007 for JAL ver 0.4.62 down load and use markiii_jal_0_4_62.tar.bz2

Updated Dec 4 2004 with JAL version 0.4.59 version.

This is a modification to the newly GPL ed version of the PIC compiler JAL. http://www.voti.nl/jal/


The hack made enables compiler assembly and hex output that is compatible with the Rick Farmer boot loader that is part of the Mark-III mini sumo robot.


JAL works well under Windows and GNU/Linux, and its being used under OS/2 and FreeBSD and Macintosh as well.  For GNU/Linux users of the Mark-III I have a web page that should help get you started.  markiii_linux, it walks you through the patching process as well as how to down load code to the Mark-III boot loader using GNU/Linux tools.


See below for the complete sample program suite Iíve developed for the Mark-III in JAL.  Itís mostly a port of the same suite that I developed in CHBasic last year.


The JAL source code available off this page is a modification to the Source Forge version of JAL.


All of the JAL sample source code off of this page is as GPL licensed as well, although I still need to update the source with the standard copyright BS.


The jal-4_59_MIII_win32.zip file contains the MSVC6.0 compiled jal.exe file the documentation and the standard JAL libraries that will produce output that works with the Mark III boot loader.


The jal_4_59_MIII.patch file contains the delta from the SourceForge released version that you can build if you like.  It builds and works under Cygwin and Linux.  


Get Cygwin via the net or get it in CD form, http://cart.cheapbytes.com/cgi-bin/cart/search.html?se=cygwin.  Youíll be glad you did J


Some notes:


Sample programs ( zip file, for you Windows people  and tarball for you Gnu folks;):


Sensor Board JAL samples:
Note: useing the sensor board has a few of gotcha's that are called out in my commets.